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This is the online Regional Encyclopaedia for Sogn og Fjordane. The Regional Encyclopaedia is the first of its kind in Norway. Access is free of charge. The encyclopaedia is in Norwegian, and contains about 5,000 articles covering all 26 rural and urban counties under the regional county of Sogn og Fjordane.
The encyclopaedia contains about 6,000 pictures and more than 2.000 radio and television reports. The Regional Encyclopaedia has been compiled by the Sogn og Fjordane Regional Office of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK Sogn og Fjordane.

Icons and index

In the right column you will find icons and a link to an alphabethical index for ‘Topics’, covering the areas History (Historie - including wartime history: Krigshistorie - and the political history of the local counties: Kommunehistorie), Churches (Kyrkjer), Media, Local Celebrities (Personar), Schools (Skular), Transport and Communications (Samferdsle).

Choose county

It is also possible to access the local county sites directly by using the map or the link «Vel kommune i fylkesleksikonet» below the map in the right column.

Many ways to search

The Regional Encyclopaedia may be used in a number of ways. If you want to research businesses started in Eid County between 1850 and 1900, shipwrecks which have taken place outside Stad, or contemporary celebrities born in Aurland, you can scroll through pages with listings in chronological order. You can also enter keywords in the search engine in the top right column, for instance “gestapo” and “Søk i fylkesleksikonet”, and get a list of pages showing the entire history of the Gestapo in Sogn og Fjordane.

Related topics

Within each page you will find links to related topics, which will take you deeper in the Encyclopaedia. To go back, just click «Back» in your browser, or simply use the menu in the right column.

Contact info:

Chief Editor of the Regional Encyclopaedia: Starheim, Ottar - mail: ottar.starheim@nrk.no Webmaster: Erstad, Vegar - mail: vegar.erstad@nrk.no More Contact Information at: Kontakt


Kjeldeliste til Fylkesleksikon for Sogn og Fjordane 

Artikkelen er basert på NRKs Fylkesleksikon for Sogn og Fjordane (2001–2014). 

Publisert digitalt etter avtale med NRK 2014.

Artiklane i fylkeleksikonet blir dessverre sjeldan oppdaterte, grunna manglande ekstern finansiering etter at Allkunne tok over artiklane frå NRK. Meld gjerne frå om feil eller manglar til post(a)allkunne.no.

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